The Ned-System® myo-functional device, NEURO DYNAMIC BALANCER, is custom designed and is made of visco-elastic material. It is born from multidisciplinary skills, which have significantly enriched the therapeutic potential in recent years.
The Ned-System® is an innovative individual therapy whose clinical evaluations consider:

  • determinants of the individual dynamics of free space;

  • determinants of lingual dynamics;

  • determinants of the mandibular-cranial relationship;

  • possibility to operate on the structure;

The Ned-System® is ideal for aligning teeth in children, being a non-invasive orthodontic therapy that uses removable devices without the use of wires and fixed bands.


An innovative therapy

The balance of the whole stomatognathic system is the primary goal of Ned-System® therapy.

A single device that acts both on the harmonization of the structural component and on the myofunctional one. On the NED-SYSTEM device it is possible to enter the individual parameters of the mandibular-cranial ratio, the value of free space, as well as the lingual dynamic recording, detected under transcutaneous nervous stimulation of the V and VII cranial nerves, inspired by the principles of lingual elevator of Prof. Balercia.

As a result, each device is customized and is specific to each individual patient. Both in its neuro-vegetative component and in its muscular dynamics, each deglutition is different from patient to patient. Therefore, any myofunctional therapy with intraoral devices, can only be specific and targeted for each individual patient. The therapy consists of several intraoral devices, which must be modified or replaced during the course of therapy, each designed to solve a particular occlusal dysfunction.

To whom it is aimed

Therapy is indicated both in small growing patients and in adult patients, often symptomatic. In children it is an orthodontics without brackets and wireless, which is used in the classic orthodontic malocclusions with crowding of the teeth.

It is ideal for CHILDREN because it is a non-invasive method that favors the development and the cranial-occlusal harmonization of the growing subject. It is a therapeutic philosophy that doesn’t impose a priori and indiscriminately the same treatment model in all subjects.

In ADULTS with symptoms, there is often the resolution of one or more symptoms, such as:





Warnings for the dentist

  • Before use, make sure that there are no intolerances or allergies towards the material of which the device is made;

  • If allergic reactions occur for the material used, immediately suspend the use of the device;

  • The product has been designed for the treatment of dysfunction of the stomatognathic apparatus. Any other use is prohibited;

  • The product is delivered in a non-sterile sealed package;

  • The device must be replaced in case of damage due to inadequate sterilization methods or to deformations;
  • Dispose of the product as special waste;

Warnings for the patient

  • The removable Ned-System device should be used all night;

  • The Ned-System device should be used when awake for at least two hours (can be divided into 30-minute cycles during the day);

  • A longer time of use is possible and desirable to enhance the results of therapy, reducing intervention times; daytime use is as fundamental as night time;

  • A sensitivity, a slight pain, can occur in the first days of use. These symptoms tend to resolve in a few days; It is always advisable to inform your doctor;

  • Therapy has no aesthetic purpose;

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