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The company Ned-System S.r.l. was born in 2018 as a consequence of the clinical successes obtained in the last few years by Dr. Mario Piccininno, regarding the use of myofunctional devices. Henry Ford said in one of his many aphorisms: “Quality is something well done when no one looks at you”. This aphorism is an excellent starting point to represent what Dr. Piccininno, thanks to the application of multidisciplinary concepts, has set himself as a fundamental objective: the balance of dynamics.

With the impartial verification acquired daily on clinical cases, sheltered and hidden from the spotlight, full of courage and responsibility, accompanied by his great experience, Dr. Mario Piccininno was prototyping the Dynamic Neuro Equilibrator, which today is called the Ned-System® myofunctional device. Many cases have been treated and are being treated since then, with surprising results and consistent results with the same scientific foundations that brought it to life; to restore the balance to the system respecting the physiological dynamics between the muscular function and the cranial-cervical-mandibular structure, and more. In this context, swallowing takes on a role of primary importance, as a neuromodulator of the chewing functions, breathing functions and postural functions.


Ned-System S.r.l., therefore, is born to spread the benefits that the therapy obtains for people with swallowing, breathing and occlusion dysfunctions.

Ned-System S.r.l. produces the devices (in the individual and standard version) and offers assistance and support to both dentists and patients.

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the benefits of a holistic vision


in a complex system



Give benefit to patients by restoring the physiological balance between the cranial-cervical-mandibular structure and the function, primarily the swallowing one.


Our moral duty is to spread the benefits of a holistic vision that respects the balance of bone and muscle structures, under neurological control; we do this through a specific training dedicated to doctors and dentists and through information campaigns dedicated to patients. Moreover, with the university experimentation, already under way, we want to give full clinical-scientific validation to our method.



dr. mario piccininno

Dr. Mario Piccininno is a Medical Surgeon and Dentistry graduate in Medicine and Surgery in 1982 in Bologna. Since 2005 he has devoted himself almost exclusively to non-linear gnathology, using, when necessary, surface electromyography, computerized kinesiography and T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator), diagnostic tools that have contributed, despite their complexity, to developing Ned-System® therapy. In the first years as a professional he devoted himself mainly to odontology In those years there were the first doubts about the classical orthodontic treatment in particular the stability and maintenance of the results obtained.
He was looking for something that would also take him outside the “mouth universe”, setting the therapy with a holistic assessment of the patient. He had not yet clearly defined the dynamics of the mouth in the postural field, although for years he also used Applied Kinesiology. After deepening his dental training with teachers of great depth, the meeting with Dr. Adriano Montorsi took place so, using his method for years, he gained an experience that allowed him, in recent years, to practice as teacher in ACOM training courses.



Believing and experimenting functional devices for 25 years is a value that we want to share with all of you.


The greatest reward for us is to see the happiness in your eyes.


All this feeds our motivations and our commitment to always do better.


We are aware that every patient has a great peculiarity: the uniqueness of his system.


Origins: from the Soulet-Besombes method to the Ned-System

In 1953 Prof. René Soulet, of the University of Clermont-Ferrand, and Prof. André Besombes, of the University of Paris, having to disassemble the fixed orthodontic devices of their young patients, cause the summer holidays, but without losing the results achieved, designed a removable device in rubber, called conformer, in order to stabilize the situation reached for the three summer months. When returning from the holidays, the young patients besides not having recurrences they had a positive evolution, both on the alignment of the teeth and on the cranial dynamics.
A range of activators for the most classic pathologies was developed. These devices were called multi-functional harmonisers and S.B. plates. (Soulet-Besombes). Prof. Besombes attributed the functioning of his device to the action of the micro-poles stimulation at the cortical-cerebral level obtained by nibbling the device. The method was abandoned in favor of multiband therapy
In the recent past the method has been revisited and expanded in its therapeutic possibilities; among these the A.C.O.M. of the lamented Dr. Adriano Montorsi, with whom Dr. Mario Piccininno had the pleasure of collaborating.

After that, the meeting with the neuro-myo-fascial gnathology, which has significantly enriched the therapeutic possibilities. From that moment on, the idea was born to develop a visco-elastic functional device that was custom built. Within the device the possibility of inserting the determinants of free space, of the mandibular-cranial ratio, of the lingual dynamic, inspired by the lingual elevator principles of prof. Balercia, without renouncing the possibility of intervening by harmonizing the structure.

The result is the NED-SYSTEM®